Welcome to Earth Child Institute!

We are an international non-profit organization operated by an all-volunteer board. Since 2002, ECI has strongly believed and worked hard to carry out its mission to engage with and empower children and young people today who comprise close to half the global population toward a sustainable tomorrow. I passionately believe that caring for our planet should be an integral part of life. Our mission is based upon the truth that all children carry this knowledge in their hearts, yet for so many of us, this knowing is abandoned by the time we reach adolescence due to pressures and priorities of society and many educational systems. Caring for the environment, and caring for one’s own self are essential life skills, which keep us healthy, empowered, and productive citizens later in life cannot be understated!

Our board of directors share our mission to continue advocating for children and ensuring they are provided with the resources needed to become leaders for their environment.

The Earth Child Institute is dedicated to changing this trend by building bridges and bonds between and across sectors, structures and levels of awareness toward the inclusion and empowerment of today’s children and young people. Supporting policies, programs and services based on these principles and the premise that what children learn today will shape the world tomorrow is what we strive to do.

Thank you for your interest in our organization and our mission and work. I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about us.

Warmest regards,

Arati Patel

President, ECI


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