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COP 20 Side Event, Organized by ECI in Lima, Peru!
December 5th, 2014

Earth Child Institute, Representing the Children of the World at COP 20 in Lima, Peru
December 3rd, 2014

New Publication! Climate Change and Rights of the Child
November 26th, 2014
NEW publication! Earth Child Institute bridging the gap between international climate change agreement and the Convention on ...

ECI Projects

The Power of One Child + One Tree
Power of One Tree + One Child, our signature tree planting campaign

Global Action Classroom
Power of One Child - Global Action Classroom, an innovative, digital, and hands-on exchange project

The OLYMP-I-A Challenge
The Power of One Child Global Action Challenge for kids!

Kids Helping Kids
Want your child's birthday party to help kids to plant trees?

WASH Education and Action
ECI is committed to water for life through education and empowerment of children and their families worldwide.

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For us at ECI going GREEN is about redefining how we go about our daily lives, our interactions with the natural resources that we depend on for everything, and how we treat one another. This is about redefining growth and development with values. It is about how we do business with heart. For us what goes on locally, resounds globally. And what happens globally, trickles down locally. We are committed to our part of the worldwide movement demanding and stimulating change... Join us... and let’s go GREEN - Let’s take action and build - Global Resilience through Eco-driven Empowerment!

- from the ECI team