What We Do

ECI Core Strategies:

  • International Policy and Advocacy

    ECI engages in international policy and advocacy for the integration of national-level ESD programs into global environmental framework programs. Core issues addressed include REDD+, climate change, water, sanitation and hygiene, education for sustainable development, energy policy, the green economy, and children’s environmental health.

  • Education for Sustainable Development

    Education for sustainable development encompasses developing country, locally determined-context and tailored learning interventions that transfer knowledge and life skills and empower children and youth to live, and develop as healthy, productive, socially and environmentally responsible citizens. The goal and purpose of education for sustainable development (ESD) is to foster a green growth driven society and economy.

  • Seeding and Nurturing Youth-led Networks

    Supporting the strengthening or establishment of youth led, in-country networks that implement local initiatives in key ECI thematic areas. ECI provides support and guidance   for creating entrepreneurial opportunities for youth to engage with and empower       children.

Our thematic areas of focus cross-cut our key strategies, and include:

  • Tree Nurseries and Gardens

    School Gardens, Tree Planting (Power of One Child + One Tree campaign= A Sustainable Future for All), Life-skills based environmental education

  • Climate change

    Energy learning modules, Disaster risk reduction, children’s environmental health

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

    WASH (Nigeria and Ghana Projects)

ECI Campaigns:

  • The Power of One Child + One Tree = A Sustainable Future for All
  • Global Action Classroom
  • The OLYMP-I-A Challenge
  • Kids Helping Kids
  • WASH Education and Action