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The Fight against Climate Change is an uphill task in Cameroon.

The Fight against Climate Change is an uphill task in Cameroon.
GAC-Cameroon spear heads an end of year program with LANEC in the premises of Refuge Bilingual High School Yaounde. “I will not fight alone!”, are the words of little Afumbom Ange aged 7 she sees the environment as a perfect place to be in the next 20 years, only if as a team they adhere to the firm instructions of the Administration, her views are being translated into reality as she goes identifying some recently banned plastic packages, that are non bio-degradable, these plastics Afu says, she is still thinking of how she can re-cycle and re-use these banned packages that pollute the environment. In her widest imagination she stumbles on the 2 weeks ongoing program with the branch of the Little Angels of Refuge, and Earth Child Institute. The GAC-Cameroon initiative has already identified some snail species found at the foot of the hillside just above their school premises, this Cameroonian traditional delicacy is most cherished by natives of the South West Region of Cameroon. In the course of identifying the different species of these snails, the children are looking for ways to culture and cater for this biodiversity rare species, As the kids move into 2014 they intend to carry out this project as a priority within the Cameroon Gac- Initiative. From the images attached we find the children using locally made cans as the watering cans used bottles of Mineral Water are perforated and used. The different ways of sensitization is through Songs, Poems Sketches that denounce mal-practices and welcome friendly and healthy environmental practices. This to the Cameroonian Children, are the ways to fight the Climate Change issues.
The activities will be rounded up on Monday 16 December with a Christmas tree harvest, where the supervisor Mr Ngwendo Gilbert the Principal of the institution in collaboration with Ms Priscilla Song will present a thanksgiving Christmas tree in the garden where Father Christmas will hand to the children gifts to children who distinguished themselves in environmental concerns in the course of the year. It should be recalled that the initiative is supported by the Government of Cameroon, through the Ministry of Environment Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development, and in collaboration with the Earth Child Institute. Videos of the event are being processed for postings.

GAC-Cameroon kick off with Media Outreach

The recently organized outreach programme for Cameroon through the Little Angels of the Environment Cameroon LANEC, last Tuesday 03 December over the Cameroon National Radio made public their activities for the December period, this was done using the programme Morning Safari, the LANEC from there picked up with children and youth displaying their different actions in the area of Environmental Protection and Sustainability. Views on how they will want the Environment to look like in the next 10 years were beautifully presented and displayed in form of paintings. The LANEC- GAC-Cameroon Platform will in the days ahead be showcasing other actions that they are involved in. The event will end in a Christmas Tree harvest, where some yields will be harvested in form of Thanksgiving for distinguished efforts made by some Refuge students in the Environment Sector. Priscilla for Information.