Earth Child Institute, Inc. (ECI)
 mission is to engage with and empower children and young people today who comprise close to half the global population toward a sustainable tomorrow. We work with many stakeholders, most importantly children and youth, to build a more resilient, and environmentally sustainable world through facilitation of local ideas and solutions that are socially responsible as well as economically sustainable. We are committed to offering a global solution which delivers an environmental, ecological, educational, economical balance that is shared between all people and the planet that we depend on—for today and tomorrow.

ECI believes that children and young people who are empowered with the knowledge of the interconnectedness of all living things as well as their own ability to think and act in harmony, will grow up leading lives that benefit themselves and the environment. It’s a win-win situation for human beings and the planet Earth. Children and young people are often regarded as the leaders of tomorrow, but they are the leaders of today. If given a voice and the opportunity to take action the impacts can be profound.